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Feature Films

Forbearance                                Lead female role  Lana Read                        United Front Films                  2021 Feature Film


Max Winslow

and the House of Secrets        Supporting role     Johnny Remo                   Skipstone Pictures                  2019 Feature Film


Providence                                  Lead female role   Sharaon Wilharm            Main Street Productions        2016 Feature Film


Mission Improbable                 Lead female role   Donald James Parker      Sword of the Spirit                  2017 Feature Film


Old Rugged Cross                      Supporting role     Donald James Parker      Sword of the Spirit                  2017 Feature Film


A Second Chance                        Supporting role     Candy Beard                     Dreams Come True Films      2018 Feature Film


The Shoes                                    Supporting role     Lana Read-Director          Ramsey Stoneburner             2019 Feature Film


The Colors of Emily                   Principal role         Chip Rossetti-Director     Rossetti/TPT/Fire catcher       2015 Feature Film 

IMDb                                             https://pro-labs.imdb.com/title/tt3809976              

Surrender                                    Principal role         Danny Rogers-Director    A102 Productions                    2014 Feature Film

IMDb, CFDb                                 https://pro-labs.imdb.com/title/tt2581390

The Phone in the Attic            Principal role           Jim Long-Director            Lightcatcher Productions       2014  Feature Film

IMDb                                             http://www.thephoneintheattic.com/index.html

Jeremy Brooks                           Principal role          Kyle T Miller-Director                                                          2015 Feature Film 






Nashville                                     Co-Star                  Auction Participant            CMT Televison                         2017 Television Serie

Homicide Hunter                      Lead role               S. 7 Ep. 18 Lead                  ID Channel                               2017 Television Series

Homicide Hunter                      Supprting role      S. 8 Ep. 16 Lead                  ID Channel                               2018 Television Series

Nashville                                     Background         Cafe Patron                         ABC Televison                          2015 Television Series

Still the King                               Extra                      Concert Goer                     CMT Television                         2016 Television Sho

The Demon Files                        Lead role              Eddie Bartini                      Discovery Channel                  2015 Television Series

Think Create Repeat                Principal role         Crystal McGhee                Big Jump Studios                     2015 Television Series

Kelly's Kountry Junction         Actor/Singer          Kelly Lee James                 The BlueHighways TV Network Television Series

Short Films

Christ in Youth 50th Anniv.            Lead role                  MD Neely                                 Christ in Youth                             2018 Short Film                    LINK

Tumbleweed                                    Lead role                   Stephen Reynolds                  Bermuda Dunes Prod.               2019 IMDb  Short Film

Guilt                                                  Lead role                    Christopher Siaens                Oaburg Ltd. Co.                           2019 IMDb  Short Film

A Return  LINK                                 Supporting role        Nastasya Popov                      Northwestern University           2017 Short Film

Monarch                                           Supporting role        Casey Marks                            Oklahoma City University          2017 Short Film

Fade                                                  Lead Role                   Lana Read                                Garnet Films                                2017 Short Film

Bob                                                    Supporting role        Roy Keckler-Director               Not of Us Films                           2016 IMDb  Short Film

The Truth about Lucas Winslow   Supporting role       Elizabeth Swafford-Dir       UCA Digital                              2016 IMDb Short Film

Solitude                                             Supporting role        Michael Muench- Director    Evangel University Film              2014  IMDb Short Film

Strange Happenings                       Recurring role          Brittney Greer                          American Wasteland Ent.          2017 Series

Feeling Colder                                  Talent Director         Jeremy Couch-Director          Arkansas Film & Music               2014 Music Video

Like a Rose                                   Feature extra         Angela Morse-Director       John Brown University          2014 Short Film

What Did She Say                        Feature role          Odette Blanch - Director    Past Lives Productions          2014 Film Trailer 

Herbivores vs Carnivores          Feature role           Meghan Socha - Director   Missouri State Univ                2014 Short Film

Strange Interference                  Feature role           Rusty Reagan- Director      Full Armor Productions         2014 Music Video Video LInk

FishNet Security                           Lead role               Jim McCullough-Dir            FishNet Productions              2014 Corporate buzz video

Members Only Drama               Supporting role     Dale Green-Director           FBCKC                                      2011 Short Film       


TV Commercial                     Lead                    Farm Bureau Insurance                        Nashville, TN

Industrial                               Supporting         Gideons Bibles                                       Nashville, TN

TV Commercial                     Lead                    Blue Cross Blue Shield                          Nashville, TN

Industrial                               Supporting        Sonic Drive-In                                          Nashville, TN

Industrial                               Supporting        Dollar General                                         Nashville, TN

TV PSA                                    Lead                   Safe and Sober                                       Springfield, MO

TV Commercial                     Supporting        Elder Law Firm                                        Springfield, MO

Product Presentation          Spokesperson   Bass Pro / Cabelas / Tracker                 Springfield, MO

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Walmart                                                    Bentonville, AR

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Walmart                                                    Bentonville, AR

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Walmart                                                    Bentonville, AR

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Walmart                                                    Bentonville, AR

TV Commercial                     Supporting        Hudiburg Chevrolet                                Oklahoma City, OK

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Springfield Fire Department                  Springfield, MO           Commercial Link

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Resonance Center for Women              Tulsa, OK                      That Time in My Life LINK

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Springfield-Branson Airport                   Springfield, MO          Commercial Link

TV Commercial                     Supporting        Cattlemen's Steakhouse                         Oklahoma City, OK

TV Commercial                     Supporting        Harps Grocery Store                                Fayetteville, AR           Commercial Link

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Springfield-Branson Airport                   Springfield, MO

TV Commercial                     Supporting        Metro Appliances                                     Springfield, MO           Commercial Link

TV Commercial                     Lead                   Springfield Police Department               Springfield, MO           Commercial Link

TV Commercial                     Lead                    Williams Brothers Pharmacy                 Indiana-statewide       Commercial Link

TV Commercial                     Lead                    Cool Cup                                                   Kansas City, MO

TV Commercial                     Supporting         FFO Furniture                                          Ft Smith, AR

TV Commercial                     Supporting         City of Springfield                                   Springfield, MO

Music Video                          Supporting         Calamity Jane                                          Nashville, TN

Music Video                          Lead                    Ron Brunk                                                Nashville, TN

Music Video                          Lead                    Ron Brunk                                                Nashville, TN

Music Video                          Lead                    Tim Hadler                                               Branson, MO

Industrial                               Lead                    CenterRock Advertising                         Little Rock, AR

Internet Commercial           Supporting         Breakout Games                                     Nashville, TN

Print Ad                                 Model                  Valent-Archer/Malmo Agency               Memphis, TN

Print Ad                                 Model                  Norterre                                                   Kansas City, MO         

Video Series                          Lead                    Beyond Creative                                      Springield, MO

Radio VoiceOver                  Lead                    Manus Advertising/LBA spots                Kansas City, MO          Commercial Link

Training Videos                    Lead                    Pulse Studios                                            Springield, MO

TV Commercial                     Lead                    Opfer Communications                          Springfield, MO

TV Commercial                     Supporting         American National Insurance                Springfield, MO

TV Infomercial                      Lead                    Opfer Communications                          Springfield, MO

TV Commercial                     Lead                    Shepherd's Crossing                                Manhattan, KS

Corp Training video             Supporting         American National Insurance                Springfield, MO

TV Commercial                     Supporting         Connect Arkansas                                    Arkansas-statewide

TV Commercial                     Feature               Crossroads Chevrolet Cadillac                Joplin, MO

TV Commercial                     Feature               Car Country with Marcus Dupree          Tulsa, OK

KRBK Fox TV                          Feature               Deer Lake Golf and Fitness                     Springfield, MO         Commercial Link  

Salon photo shoot                Model                 Studio 212 advertising                             Guthrie, OK



Professional Theater

Raiding the Country Vault       Comic Actress              The Mansion Theatre                                Branson, MO      2016

Sanders Family Christmas      Director                         Branson Imax: Little Opry Theatre         Branson, MO      2014

Smoke on the Mountain         Vera/June/Denise         Branson Imax: Little Opry Theatre         Branson, MO     2013-2014
Sanders Family Christmas      Vera/June/Denise         Branson Imax: Little Opry Theatre         Branson, MO     2013-2014
Smoke on the Mountain         Denise/June                   Branson Imax: Little Opry Theatre        Branson, MO     2010-2014
Sanders Family Christmas      Denise/June                   Branson Imax: Little Opry Theatre        Branson, MO      2010-2014

Smoke on the Mountain         Denise                            Mel Tillis Theatre                                       Branson, MO      2001-2004

Two From Galilee                     Debra                             Promise Theatre                                        Branson, MO      2001



"Juli Tapken. An actor with amazing commitment to her role. Every time I would call "action!" she would transform into her character seemingly effortlessly. Coming from a background of stage acting myself, I felt I could relate to her pretty quickly, but even if I hadn't, her compassion, attitude and sweetness on set are enough to put any crew member at ease. It was truly a rewarding experience to work with her and I really enjoyed being surprised by her amazing acting abilities on set. I could truly feel myself being entertained and moved by her performance on set while rolling." Matthew Perdie, Director, Mission Improbable


"Juli is an incredibly talented actress who put her heart and soul into her character. What really impressed me, though, is that the compassion and kindness that comes across on screen is the real thing. When the cameras weren’t rolling, Juli made it a point to get to know each person on set and to reach out especially to the newcomers who were feeling nervous and insecure and to help them feel a part of the cast." Sharon Wilharm, Providence


"We hired Juli to play the principal role in a series of TV commercials we produced for Williams Brothers Pharmacy over three days in June, 2015. Our client was very happy with our choice in Juli. Her performance was authentic and real. She arrived on set thoroughly prepared and ready to knock it out of the park. She took the demands of a multi-day shoot in stride. She not only performed well on camera, but added tremendous value to management of the shoot over-all and giving the rest of the cast around her wonderful support. We wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."  Josh Hester, Principal & Senior Producer, The Storyteller Studios, Inc


"Juli gave an amazing performance in a lead role for my latest film, "Providence". She has my highest recommendation for feature film roles. " Fred Wilharm, Providence


"We knew from the from the initial casting that Juli was going to be our "Hannah" in our thriller, The Phone in the Attic. She nailed the reading. We were impressed enough that we even expanded the role, giving her additional dialogue. Juli takes direction well and is a delight on the set. Because of her talent, professionalism and genuine warmth, she's on our list of actors we hope to use again." Jim Long, The Phone in the Attic

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