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"Silent Film" says a lot with Providence

Juli Tapken and Rich Swingle in Providenc

Providence is the second "silent film" the Wilharms have created. The first one, "The Good Book", is already receiving many accolades in multiple film festivals across the country for it's greatness in several categories. That is why I was extremely excited to earn the casting for adult "Rachel", one of the

lead roles in this redemptive love story of Rachel and Mitchell (Rich Swingle).

Facebook - Me and Stacey Bradshaw finally meet on set of Providence Movie!

"Rachel" is split in to three roles actually, young Rachel (played by Emily Knapp), teen Rachel (played by Stacey Bradshaw) and adult Rachel (played by me). The casting of these three roles, of course, was incredibly crucial and Mainstreet Productions nailed that as well as the casting for all of the other roles in Providence. Meeting Stacey (seen here) was a much awaited treat for me!

Even though there are no spoken words you still need a script and direction. Sharon Wilharm wrote a masterpiece with this. You will be laughing and crying and both at times! What a director she is!

I was astonished at the beauty of the cinematography shot by Fred Wilharm. Without voices to guide you through, truly the picture is worth a thousand words. I think Fred's pictures certainly back up that saying.

Silence is golden, I have heard many times in my life (especially in the car as a kid), but how does one portray a good relatable character and a film that impacts many without saying a word? As I reflected on this in preparation for Providence, I found The Lord saying to me, "allow Me, just allow Me".

Me and Irene Santiago, Rachel's mom

As an actress of many years, to not be heard while portraying a character was really a crazy concept but as I stepped aside and just allowed Him, I experienced some of the greatest moments of my life. Many of those as Irene Santiago and I played mother and daughter in some incredibly emotional scenes.

You see, God doesn't need us to say so much. What He really needs is for us to show so much. His love is seen more that it is heard. We should really show it before we talk about it. That is what I believe Providence will do in every frame. Providence will "show" God's love with nary a word!

I will forever be thankful for the opportunity of acting in such an important project.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity of "showing" God's Love!

Try it, just "allow Him" to show His love in your life!

Find Providence movie at https://www.facebook.com/Providencethemovie?fref=ts


Find me, Juli Tapken, at http://www.imdb.me/julitapken


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