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May was for Missions!

We love missions! Really, missions are our truest passion! We all have been called as Matthew 28:19a commands "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations". We believe with all of our hears that God has thrust us in to this crazy film industry to do just that! To go out, to the whole world, and make ways for God to present Himself to a lost world to offer His unrelenting, sacrificial, merciful love for all mankind to be eternally saved! We are overjoyed to come in agreement with this command and allow Him to work in us however He needs. We are so thankful for the miracles He graciously included us in this last year!

Juli in Mission Improbable

Mission Improbable movie

Mission Improbable is a movie we just finished this past month and we are incredibly excited about the incredible opportuities it will have to reach people. Mission Improbable, written by Donald James Parker and Directed by Matthew Perdie, is a little edgier than some films but it offers a real life look at those that are addicted to things of this world, thus imprisoned by the wares of satan. It is also a love story too! So, Mission Improbable has a little bit of intrigue for every one and will pull on different heart strings for each viewer. Here's a really cool piece of trivia: Jeff Tapken makes his second appearance in a row! It is currently in post production, being edited and readied for release in a few months. Be watching for that release, you won't want to miss Mission Improbable! Follow it on face book at https://www.facebook.com/MissionImprobableMovie?fref=ts

The Reins Maker movie presents Fire on the Track

We were also incredibly blessed and honored to be a part of a concert to promote the upcoming movie The Reins Maker! Juli loves to sing, she always feels the Spirit working in her in an incredible way while singing live. Performing live is something she has given up while keeping up with the filming schedule so it was a really special treat to get to do "Fire on the Track"! She joined many others from the cast of The Reins Maker to promote the upcoming production and release of this Michael Arnold/Fire Catcher Productions movie. "It was an incredible experience worshipping with so many like minded Christian performers and audience!" Juli is extremely excited to get to play a strong supporting role, Jane Foster, the mother to the films lead actress. Be watching for The Reins Maker beginning production in just a few weeks and like it on face book at https://www.facebook.com/thereinsmaker?fref=ts

Video from "Fire on the Track" featuring Juli Tapken

So, May was an incredible month of missions with Mission Improbable and Fire on the Track! God continues to open so many doors for missions with Team Tapken! We are just over the moon excited about what God is doing and can't wait to continue to share with you the miracles of following God! More news to come soon!

June will bring forth more opportunities to bring the world the message of God's love with "The Reins Maker" and the beginnings of a new TV show "12 Masks" featuring an all star cast, written and produced by Mark Potts!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

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